A.4. Configuration signals

Table A.4 shows the configuration signals only sampled during reset of the processor.

Table A.4. Configuration signals

CFGENDISystem configuration control

Controls the state of EE bit in the SCTLR:

0 = EE bit is LOW

1 = EE bit is HIGH


Configures fast interrupts to be nonmaskable:

0 = clear the NMFI bit in the CP15 c1 Control Register

1 = set the NMFI bit in the CP15 c1 Control Register.


Default exception handling state:

0 = ARM

1 = Thumb.

It sets the SCTLR.TE bit.


Controls the location of the exception vectors at reset:

0 = start exception vectors at address 0x00000000

1 = start exception vectors at address 0xFFFF0000.

It sets the SCTLR.V bit.

Table A.5 shows the CP15SDISABLE signal.

Table A.5. CP15SDISABLE signal

CP15SDISABLEISecurity controller

Disables write access to some system control processor registers:

0 = not enabled

1 = enabled.

See System Control Register.

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