4.1.6. SMC Integration Outputs Register at 0x1E08

The write-only smc_int_outputs Register enables an external master to access the outputs of the SMC using the APB interface. This register cannot be read in the Reset state.

Figure 4.8 shows the register bit assignments.

Figure 4.8. smc_int_outputs Register bit assignments

Table 4.8 lists the register bit assignments.

Table 4.8. smc_int_outputs Register bit assignments

[31:3]-Reserved, undefined, write as zero
[2]smc_ebireq0Sets the value of the smc_ebireq0 output when in integration test mode
[1]smc_csysackSets the value of this external output when in integration test mode
[0]smc_cactiveThis value is driven onto the external output when int_test_en is set HIGH
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