2.3.3. FIFO and clocking function

If you configure the network as a clock frequency crossing bridge, then a FIFO function is also configured.


You can configure the buffering for multiple outstanding transactions even if you are using a 1:1 clocking ratio.

You can instantiate a FIFO on any channel. You can configure the FIFO to implement both buffering and clock domain crossing functionality. You can define the FIFO to be:

The network automatically determines that the width of the FIFO is the width of the payload. You can configure the depth of the FIFO to be 2-32.

Data release mechanism

When you configure a write data FIFO of at least 4, you can also set an additional write tidemark function, named wr_tidemark. This is a tidemark level that stalls the release of the transaction until:

  • The network receives the WLAST beat.

  • The write FIFO becomes full.

  • The number of occupied slots in the write data FIFO exceeds the write tidemark. See Chapter 3 Programmers Model.

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