4.2.2. Private Timer Counter Register

The Timer Counter Register is a decrementing counter.

The Timer Counter Register decrements if the timer is enabled using the timer enable bit in the Timer Control Register. If the Cortex-A9 processor belonging to the timer is in debug state, the counter does not decrement until the Cortex-A9 processor returns to non debug state.

When the Timer Counter Register reaches zero and auto reload mode is enabled, it reloads the value in the Timer Load Register and then decrements from that value. If auto reload mode is not enabled, the Timer Counter Register decrements down to zero and stops.

When the Timer Counter Register reaches zero, the timer interrupt status event flag is set and the interrupt ID 29 is set as pending in the Interrupt Distributor, if interrupt generation is enabled in the Timer Control Register.

Writing to the Timer Counter Register or Timer Load Register forces the Timer Counter Register to decrement from the newly written value.

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