6.2. Cortex-A9 MPCore APB Debug interface and memory map

Each Cortex-A9 processor contains two 4KB CoreSight components, for the debug and performance monitor resources, mapped in a contiguous 8KB memory region.See the Cortex-A9 TRM for detailed memory mapping of this 8KB memory region.

The Cortex-A9 MPCore has a single Debug APB interface to access the individual Cortex-A9 processors in the cluster.Because it contains between one and four individual Cortex-A9 processors, the Cortex-A9 MPCore appears as an 8KB, 16KB, 24KB, or 32KB CoreSight memory region, accessed when PSELDBG is asserted. The following sections describe the uses of PADDRDBG in the following Cortex-A9 MPCore configurations:

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