2.3.5. Address filtering capabilities

The SCU register bank contains dedicated registers to provide address filtering capabilities:

On exit from reset, these registers sample the values present on the FILTEREN, FILTERSTART, and FILTEREND pins. Although the registers are writable, ARM strongly recommends that the software does not modify the values sampled on exit from reset.

When Address Filtering is enabled, SCU Control Register bit [1] = 1, any access that fits in the address range between the Filtering Start Address and the Filtering End Address is issued on the AXI Master port M1. All other accesses outside of this range are directed onto AXI Master port M0.This filtering rule is applied independently of the AXI request type and attributes.When Address Filtering is disabled, accesses can be issued indifferently on AXI Master port M0 or AXI Master port M1, provided that the AXI ordering rules are respected. However, in this case, locked and exclusive accesses are always issued on AXI Master port M0.

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