1.9.3. Differences in functionality between r1p0 and r2p0

These differences are in addition to the differences described in the Cortex-A9 TRM.

Conditions for coherent snoop for ACP requests amended. See ACP requests.

SCU Control register updated. See SCU Control Register:

SCU Secure Access Control Register renamed to SCU Non-secure Access Control Register. See SCU Non-secure Access Control Register.

Removal of SCU Invalidate All Registers in Non-secure State Register and functionality. See Table 2.1.

Added speculative linefill feature to optimize L1 miss and L2 hit latency, See SCU Control Register. Bit 3.

Added SCUIDLE output. See SCU CPU Power Status Register

Added Filtering capabilities in the SCU for Device accesses. See Device accesses filtering.

PERIPHCLK can be turned off. See Clocks

Change to the behavior of the comparators for each processor with the global timer. See About the Global Timer

Added PMUEVENT See Performance monitoring signals

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