4.2.3. Private Timer Control Register

Figure 4.1 shows the Private Timer Control Register bit assignments.

Figure 4.1. Private Timer Control Register bit assignments

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Table 4.2 shows the Private Timer Control Register bit assignments.

Table 4.2. Private Timer Control Register bit assignments 


The prescaler modifies the clock period for the decrementing event for the Counter Register. See Calculating timer intervals for the equation.

[2]IRQ Enable

If set, the interrupt ID 29 is set as pending in the Interrupt Distributor when the event flag is set in the Timer Status Register.

[1]Auto reload

1'b0 = Single shot mode.Counter decrements down to zero, sets the event flag and stops.1'b1 = Auto-reload mode.Each time the Counter Register reaches zero, it is reloaded with the value contained in the Timer Load Register.

[0]Timer Enable

Timer enable

1'b0 = Timer is disabled and the counter does not decrement.

All registers can still be read and written

1'b1 = Timer is enabled and the counter decrements normally.

The timer is incremented every prescaler value+1. For example, if the prescaler has a value of five then the global timer is incremented every six clock cycles. PERIPHCLK is the reference clock for this.

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