2.4. Supported formats

Table 2.1 shows the formats supported for each of the Advanced SIMD and VFPv3 instruction sets implemented by the Cortex-A9 NEON MPE. All signed integers are two's complement representations.

Table 2.1. Supported number formats

Format Advanced SIMD VFPv3
8-bit signed/unsigned integer YesNo
16-bit signed/unsigned integer YesNo
32-bit signed/unsigned integerYesYes[a]
64-bit signed/unsigned integerYesNo
16-bit half-precision floating-point



32-bit single-precision floating-pointYesYes
64-bit double-precision floating-pointNoYes
8-bit polynomialsYes No
16-bit polynomialsYesNo

[a] For conversion purposes only.

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