4.1.1. Integration Configuration Register

The int_cfg Register characteristics are:


Controls the enabling of the integration test logic.

Usage constraints

Only accessible in Config state. ARM recommends that it is only accessed for integration testing or production testing.


Available in all configurations of the DDR2 DMC.


See the register summary in Table 4.1.

Figure 4.2 shows the int_cfg Register bit assignments.

Figure 4.2. int_cfg Register bit assignments

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Table 4.2 shows the int_cfg Register bit assignments.

Table 4.2. int_cfg Register bit assignments

[31:1]-Read undefined, write as zero.

Enables the integration test logic:

0 = disables the integration test logic

1 = enables the integration test logic.


When the controller exits integration test mode, the cactive and csysack signals must be HIGH, even if the SoC does not use these signals. To satisfy this requirement you must program the int_outputs Register, see Integration Outputs Register.

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