3.2.12. Security Inversion Enable Register

The security_inversion_en Register characteristics are:


Controls whether the TZASC enables security inversion to occur.

Usage constraints

The lockdown_select Register can restrict the access type of this register to RO. See Lockdown Select Register.


Available in all configurations of the TZASC.


See the register summary in Table 3.1.

Figure 3.12 shows the security_inversion_en Register bit assignments.

Figure 3.12. security_inversion_en Register bit assignments

Table 3.12 shows the security_inversion_en Register bit assignments.

Table 3.12. security_inversion_en Register bit assignments

[31:1]-Reserved, SBZ.

Controls whether the TZASC permits security inversion to occur:

0 = security inversion is not permitted. This is the default.

1 = security inversion is permitted. This enables a region to be accessible to masters in Non-secure state but not accessible to masters in Secure state.

See Security inversion for more information.

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