8.3.6. Virtual interface control register descriptions

This section only describes registers whose implementation is specific to the Cortex-A15 processor. All other registers are described in the ARM Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification. Table 8.12 provides cross references to individual registers.

VGIC Type Register

The GICH_VTR characteristics are:


Holds information on number of priority bits, number of preemption bits, and number of List Registers implemented.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


Available if the GIC is implemented.


See the register summary in Table 8.12.

Figure 8.7 shows the GICH_VTR bit assignments.

Figure 8.7. GICH_VTR bit assignments

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Table 8.13 shows the GICH_VTR bit assignments.

Table 8.13. GICH_VTR bit assignments

Bit Name Description
[31:29] PRIbits

Indicates the number of priority bits implemented, minus one:


Five bits of priority and 32 priority levels.


Indicates the number of preemption bits implemented, minus one:


Five bits of preemption and 32 preemption levels.

[25:6]-Reserved, RAZ.

Indicates the number of implemented List Registers, minus one:


Four List Registers.

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