14.2.3. Register summary

Table 14.3 gives a summary of the Cortex-A15 Advanced SIMD and VFP system registers.

Table 14.3. Advanced SIMD and VFP system registers

NameTypeReset Description
FPSIDRO 0x410430F0See Floating-Point System ID Register
FPSCR RW0x00000000See Floating-Point Status and Control Register
MVFR1RO 0x11111111See Media and VFP Feature Register 1
MVFR0 RO 0x10110222See Media and VFP Feature Register 0
FPEXC RW 0x00000000See Floating-Point Exception Register


The Floating-Point Instruction Registers, FPINST and FPINST2 are not implemented, and any attempt to access them is Unpredictable.

See the ARM Architecture Reference Manual for information on permitted accesses to the Advanced SIMD and VFP system registers.

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