7.2.6. RAM configuration

Table 7.3 shows the RAM configuration with or without ECC.

Table 7.3. RAM configuration with or without ECC

RAMStorage for a RAM set without ECCStorage for a RAM set with ECC
Data tag RAM4x29 bits4x(25+7) bits
Data data RAM8x32 bits8x(32+7) bits
Instruction tag RAM4x21 bits4x(21+7) bits
Instruction data RAM4x64 bits4x(64+8) bits
SCU tag RAMs4x23 bits4x(23+7) bits
Data TCM2x32 bits2x(32+7) bits
Instruction TCM4x64 bits4x(64+8) bits

Table 7.4 shows the RAM configuration with or without parity.

Table 7.4. RAM configuration with or without parity

RAMStorage for a set without parityStorage for a set with parity
BTAC2x32+2x28 bits2x(32+4) + 2x(28+4) bits
PRED4x4 bits4x(4+4) bits

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