A.5.12. AHB peripheral port error detection signals

Table A.16 shows the AHB peripheral port error detection signals. These signals are only generated if the processor is configured to include AHB bus parity. See Configurable options for more information.

Table A.16. AHB peripheral port error detection signals

HWERRCODEPm[6:0]OutputECC code for HWDATAPm.
HADDRPTYPm[3:0] OutputParity bit for HADRRPm.
HCTLPTYPm[1:0]OutputParity bits for the rest of the data channel.
HRERRCODEPm[6:0]InputECC code for HRDATAPm.

Parity bit for HREADYPm and HRESPPm[a].


Fatal error on:

  • parity computed for HREADYPm and HRESPPm

  • two bit error on HRDATAPm.

PPHCORRmOutputCorrectable error on HRDATAPm. Address is reported on MERRADDRm.

[a] This is not parity for HRESP alone, even though that might be suggested by the name.

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