12.5.4. Lock Status Register

The DBGLSR Register characteristics are:


Returns the current lock status of the debug registers.

Usage constraints

The DBGLSR is:

  • a read-only register

  • only defined in the memory-mapped interface


Available in all processor configurations.


Figure 12.18 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 12.18. DBGLSR Register bit assignments

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Table 12.28 shows the bit assignments.

Table 12.28. DBGLSR Register bit assignments




Do not modify on writes. On reads, the value returns zero.


32-bit access

Indicates that a 32-bit access is required to write the key to the DBGLAR. This bit always reads 0.


Locked bit

Locked bit:

0 = Writes are permitted.

1 = Writes are ignored. This is the reset value.


Lock implemented bit

Indicates that the OS lock functionality is implemented. This bit always reads 1.

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