12.4.1. CP14 c0, Debug ID Register

The DBGDIDR Register characteristics are:


Identifies the debug architecture version and specifies the number of debug resources that the processor implements.

Usage constraints


  • in CP14 c0

  • a 32 bit read-only register

  • accessible in User and Privileged modes.


Available in all processor configurations.


Figure 12.2 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 12.2. DBGDIDR Register bit assignments

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Table 12.6 shows the bit assignments.

Table 12.6. DBGDIDR Register bit assignments




Number of Watchpoint Register Pairs:

b0000 = 1 WRP

b0001 = 2 WRPs


b0111 = 8 WRPs.

[27: 24]


Number of Breakpoint Register Pairs:

b0001 = 2 BRPs

b0010 = 3 BRPs


b0111 = 8 BRPs.



Number of Breakpoint Register Pairs (BRP) with context ID comparison capability:

b0000 = 1 BRP has context ID comparison capability.


Debug architecture version

Debug architecture version:

b0100 denotes ARMv7 Debug.


Indicates whether DBGDEVID is implemented.

0 = not implemented, register 1010 is reserved.

[13]PCSR_imp RAZ.
[12]SE_imp RAZ.




[7: 4]


Implementation-defined variant number.This is the major revision number n in the rn part of the rnpn description of the product revision status.

[3: 0]


Implementation-defined revision number. This is the minor revision number n in the pn part of the rnpn description of the product revision status.

The values of the following fields of the DBGDIDR agree with the values in CP15 c0, Main ID Register:

See c0, Main ID Register for more information of CP15 c0, Main ID Register.

The reason for duplicating these fields here is that the DBGDIDR is also accessible through the APB slave port. This enables an external debugger to determine the variant and revision numbers without stopping the processor.

To use the DBGDIDR, read CP14 c0 with:

MRC p14, 0, <Rd>, c0, c0, 0 ; Read DBGDIDR
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