12.4.13. Watchpoint Value Registers

Each DBGWVR is associated with a Watchpoint Control Register (DBGWCR). DBGWCRy is the corresponding register for DBGWVRy.

A pair of watchpoint registers, DBGWVRy and DBGWCRy, is called a Watchpoint Register Pair (WRP). DBGWVR0-7 are paired with DBGWCR0-7 to make WRP0-7.

The watchpoint value contained in the DBGWVR always corresponds to a data address and can be set either on:

For a data address and context ID pair, a WRP and the BRP with context ID comparison capability must be linked. A debug event is generated when both the data address and the context ID pair match simultaneously.

Table 12.18 shows the bit assignments.

Table 12.18. Watchpoint Value Register bit assignments



Watchpoint address.


Reserved. Do not modify on writes. On reads, the value returns zero.

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