8.3.3. Correctable Fault Location Register

Correctable faults are normally automatically corrected by the processor but, depending on the configuration and on the access that generated the fault, an exception might not be generated, and the fault status registers might not be updated. In all cases, information about the location of the fault is recorded in the Correctable Fault Location Register (CFLR).

The CFLR also records information about ACP D-Cache lookups that cause a correctable error.

All correctable faults are recorded in the same register, regardless of whether it was an instruction-fetch, a data-access, an AXI-slave access, or an ACP coherency maintenance operation that generated the fault, and whether the fault occurred in the ATCM, BTCM or cache. The CFLR contains information to identify what sort of access generated the fault, and which device it occurred in. See Correctable Fault Location Register for more information about the format of this register. Each time the CFLR is updated, the information already in the CFLR is discarded and therefore the CFLR can only contain information about the most recent correctable fault.

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