8.4.6. TCM port protocol

Each TCM port operates independently to read and write data to and from the memory attached to it. Information about which memory location is to be accessed is passed on the TCM port along with write data and associated error code, if appropriate. In addition, the TCM port provides information about whether the access results from an instruction fetch from the PFU, a data access from the LSU, or a DMA transfer from the AXI slave interface. Each TCM port can also be configured to have an associated parity bit, computed from the address and control signals for that port.

Read data and associated error code or parity bits are read back from the TCM port. In addition, the TCM memory controller can indicate that the processor must wait one or more cycles before reading the response, or signal that an error has occurred and must be either aborted or retried. For more information about TCM errors, see External TCM errors.

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