13.3.5. DBGITMISCIN Register (Miscellaneous Inputs)

The DBGITMISCIN Register at offset 0xEFC is read-only. Figure 13.3 shows the register bit assignments.

Figure 13.3. DBGITMISCIN Register bit assignments

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Table 13.6 lists the register bit assignments for the DBGITMISCIN Register.

Table 13.6. DBGITMISCIN Register bit assignments

[31:12]-Reserved. Read Undefined.
[11]DBGRESTARTmRead value of the DBGRESTARTm input pin.
[10]-Reserved. Read Undefined.
[9:8]ETMEXTOUTmRead value of the ETMEXTOUTm[1:0] input pins.
[7:6]-Reserved. Read Undefined.

Reads the nETMWFIREADYm input pin. Although this pin is active LOW, the value of this bit matches the physical state of the signal:

0 = input pin is LOW (asserted)

1 = input pin is HIGH (deasserted).

[4:3]-Reserved. Read Undefined.
[2]nFIQmRead value of nFIQm input pin.
[1]nIRQmRead value of nIRQm input pin.
[0]EDBGRQmRead value of EDBGRQm input pin.

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