8.2.3. Read-Modify-Write

The smallest unit of data that the processor can write is a byte. However, both the ECC schemes are computed on data chucks that are larger than this. To write any data to a RAM protected with ECC requires the error code for that data to be recomputed and rewritten. If the entire data chunk is not written, for example, a halfword, 16-bits, is written to address 0x4 of a RAM with a 32-bit error scheme, the error code must be computed partly from the data being written, and partly from data already stored in the RAM. In this example, the halfword in the RAM at address 0x6.

To compute the error code for such a write, the processor must first read data from the RAM, then merge the data to be written with it, to compute the error code, then write the data to the RAM, along with the new error code. This process is referred to as read-modify-write.

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