10.4.7. Watchpoint Value Registers

The DBGWVR characteristics are:


Holds a data address value for use in watchpoint matching. The address used must be the virtual address of the data.

Usage constraints

Used in conjunction with a DBGWCR to form a watchpoint, see Watchpoint Control Registers. Each DBGWVR is associated with a DBGWCR to form a Watchpoint Register Pair (WRP). DBGWVRn is associated with DBGWCRn to form watchpoint n.


The processor implements 4 WRPs, and is specified by the DBGDIDR.WRPs field, see Debug Identification Register.


See the register summary in Table 10.1. The debug logic reset value of a DBGWVR is unknown.

Figure 10.8 shows the DBGWVR bit assignments.

Figure 10.8. DBGWVR bit assignments

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Table 10.9 shows the DBGWVR bit assignments.

Table 10.9. DBGWVR bit assignments

[31:2]Data address[31:2]

This field indicates bits[31:2] of the address value for comparison


RAZ on reads and SBZP for writes

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