10.4.19. Claim Tag Clear Register

The DBGCLAIMCLR characteristics are:


Used by software to read the values of the CLAIM bits, and to clear these bits to zero.

Usage constraints

Use in conjunction with the DBGCLAIMSET register. See Table 10.20.


The processor implements bits [7:0] as claim tags.


See the register summary in Table 10.1.

Figure 10.22 shows the DBGCLAIMCLR bit assignments.

Figure 10.22. DBGCLAIMCLR bit assignments

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Table 10.21 shows the DBGCLAIMCLR bit assignments.

Table 10.21. DBGCLAIMCLR bit assignments


Reserved, RAZ/SBZP.


CLAIM bits. Writing a 1 to one of these bits sets the corresponding CLAIM bit to 0. A single write operation can clear multiple bits to 0. Writing 0 to one of these bits has no effect.

Reading the register returns the current values of these bits. The debug logic reset value of these bits is 0.

For more information about the CLAIM bits and how they might be used, see Claim Tag Set Register

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