5.2. Memory management system

The Cortex-A7 MPCore processor supports the ARM v7 VMSA including the Security extensions and LPAE. The translation of a Virtual Address (VA) used by the instruction set architecture to a Physical Address (PA) used in the memory system and the management of the associated attributes and permissions is carried out using a two-level MMU.

The first level MMU uses a Harvard design with separate micro TLB structures in the PFU for instruction fetches (IuTLB) and in the DPU for data read and write requests (DuTLB).

A miss in the micro TLB results in a request to the main unified TLB shared between the data and instruction sides of the memory system. The TLB consists of a 256-entry 2-way set-associative RAM based structure. The TLB page-walk mechanism supports page descriptors held in the L1 data cache. These cached descriptors are coherent across the cores in the Cortex-A7 MPCore processor. The caching of page descriptors is configured globally for each translation table base register, TTBRx, in the system coprocessor, CP15.

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