2.1.4. PHY interface

The PHY interface connects the DMC-400 to the memory devices. The interface conforms to the DFI 2.1.1 interface standard. See the DDR PHY Interface Specification version 2.1.1.


The DMC-400 does not support the following DFI signals:

  • dfi_ctrlupd_req

  • dfi_ctrlupd_ack.

However, you can connect to them with the DMC-400 User signals

The signal names for each memory interface include the _<index> suffix, where _<index> is the decimal channel address. For a DMC-400 with a single memory interface the suffix is _0.

The DMC-400 supports the Update Request handshake that the DFI PHY initiates. The PHY, or an agent working on behalf of the PHY, can request an update through the DFI interface by asserting the dfi_phyupd_req signal. The DMC-400 supports the low-power interface that the DFI specification defines. The DMC-400 also supports the training interface that the DFI specification defines. See Training mode.

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