3.5.12. Component identification registers

The ETMCIDR0-ETMCIDR3 characteristics are:


Identifies the ETM as a CoreSight component. For more information, see the Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification.

Usage constraints

Only bits[7:0] of each register are used. This means that ETMCIDR0-ETMCIDR3 define a single 32-bit Component ID, as Figure 3.13 shows.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 3.1 and Table 3.6.

Figure 3.13 shows the mapping between ETMCIDR0-ETMCIDR3 and the single 32-bit Component ID value.

Figure 3.13. Mapping between ETMCIDR0-ETMCIDR3 and the Component ID value

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Table 3.19 shows the Component ID bit assignments in the single conceptual Component ID register.

Table 3.19. ETMCIDR0-ETMCIDR3, bit assignments

RegisterRegister numberRegister offsetBitsValueDescription
ETMCIDR30x3FF0xFFC[31:8]-Unused, read undefined.
   [7:0]0xB1Component identifier, bits[31:24].
ETMCIDR20x3FE0xFF8[31:8]-Unused, read undefined.
   [7:0]0x05Component identifier, bits[23:16].
ETMCIDR10x3FD0xFF4[31:8]-Unused, read undefined.
   [7:4]0x9Component class, component identifier, bits[15:12].
   [3:0]0x0Component identifier, bits[11:8].
ETMCIDR00x3FC0xFF0[31:8]-Unused, read undefined.
   [7:0]0x0DComponent identifier, bits[7:0].

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