1.3. Features

The ETM-A7 macrocell supports tracing of ARM and Thumb instructions.

The Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification describes the features of ETM v3.5.

Table 1.1 lists the configured features of the ETM-A7 macrocell that are implementation- defined, in terms of either:

Table 1.1. Configured features of the ETM-A7 macrocell

Address comparators4 pairsSee bits[3:0] of the ETMCCR [a]
Data value comparators2See bits[7:4] of the ETMCCR [a]
EmbeddedICE watchpoint comparators0See bits[19:16] of the ETMCCER [b]
Context ID comparators1See bits[25:24] of the ETMCCR [a]
Counters2See bits[15:13] of the ETMCCR [a]
Sequencer1See bit[16] of the ETMCCR [a]
Memory Map decoder inputs0See bits[12:8] of the ETMCCR [a]
External inputs0-4See bits[19:17] of the ETMCCR [a]
External outputs0-2See bits[22:20] of the ETMCCR [a]
Extended external input bus width30See bits[10:3] of the ETMCCER[b]
Extended external input selectors2See bits[2:0] of the ETMCCER [b]
Instrumentation resources0See bits[15:13] of the ETMCCER[b]
Trace port size64-bitSee bits[21,6:4] of the ETMCR [c]
VMID comparator1See bit[26] of the ETMCCER[b]
FIFO size144 bytes-
ASICCTL general-purpose bus interface8-bitSee ASIC Control Register

Table 1.2 shows the optional ETM architecture features the ETM-A7 macrocell implements.

Table 1.2. ETM-A7 macrocell implementation of optional features

FIFOFULL controlNoSee bit[23] of the ETMCCR [a]
Trace Start/Stop blockYesSee bit[26] of the ETMCCR [a]
Trace all branchesYesSee bit[8] of the ETMCR [b]
Cycle-accurate traceYesSee bit[12] of the ETMCR [b]
Data trace options
 Data address tracingYesSee bits[3:2] of the ETMCR[b]
 Data value tracingYesSee bits[3:2] of the ETMCR [b]
 Data-only tracingYesSee bit[20] of the ETMCR [b]
 CPRT tracingYesSee bits[19, 1] of the ETMCR [b]
TimestampingYesSee bit[28] of the ETMCCER[c]
Data address comparisonYesbit[12] of the ETMCCER [c]
EmbeddedICE behavior controlNoSee bit[21] of the ETMCCER[c]
EmbeddedICE inputs to Trace Start/Stop blockNoSee bit[20] of the ETMCCER[c]
Alternative address compressionNoSee bit[20] of the ETMIDR
OS Lock mechanismYesSee bits[3, 0] of the ETMOSLSR
Secure non-invasive debugYesSee the Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification
Context ID tracingYesSee bits[15:14] of the ETMCR [b]
VMID tracingYesSee bit[26] of the ETMCCER[c]
Reduced function counterNoSee bit[27] of the ETMCCER[c]

See the Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification for information about:

See Appendix A Signal Descriptions for information about the macrocell signals.

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