A.1.3. Debug signals

The inputs can change at run-time and you must synchronize them to the CCI-400 clock to prevent timing hazards. Table A.3 shows the debug signals.

Table A.3. Debug signals

NIDENInputNon-invasive debug enable. If HIGH, enables the counting and export of PMU events.
SPNIDENInputSecure privileged non-invasive debug enable. If HIGH, enables the counting of both non-secure and secure event.
EVNTBUS[120:0]OutputCCI-400 events, exported if enabled in the PMCR. See Event list for information on the pin allocations of this vector.
nEVNTCNTOVERFLOW[4:0]OutputOverflow flags for the PMU clock and counters, active LOW. The CCNT overflow is bit 4, event counters on bits [3:0]
nERRORIRQOutputIndicates that an error response, DECERR or SLVERR, has been received on the RRESP or BRESP inputs, that cannot be signalled precisely. If LOW, indicates that an error has occurred.

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