2.2.1. Removing a master from the coherent domain

If you want to remove a master from the coherent domain, for example if a processor is being powered down, take the following actions:

  1. Stop the processor from issuing shareable transactions. See the documentation of the processor.

  2. Clean any shareable data in the processor cache. See the documentation of the processor.

  3. Use the Snoop Control Register to prevent any more snoops or DVM messages being sent to the processor. See the Snoop Control Registers.

  4. Poll the CCI Status Register to confirm that the changes to the Snoop Control Register have completed. See the Status Register.

After you complete these actions, the master is no longer in the coherent domain and you can power it down or disable it. You must enable snoops to that master again before it allocates any shareable data in its cache.

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