A.4. APB signals

Table A.8 shows the APB signals. For more information on each signal, see the ARM® AMBA® APB Protocol Specification.

Table A.8. APB signals

APB signal NIC-400 adaptation[a]SourceDescription
paddr_x[b][31:0]APB bridge


pprot_x[b][2:0]APB bridgeAddress. Only for APB4.
pselx_x[b]APB bridgeSelect.
penable_xbAPB bridgeEnable.
pwrite_x[b]APB bridgeDirection.
pwdata_x[b][31:0]APB bridge

Write data.

pstrb_x[b][3:0]APB bridge

Write strobes. Only for APB4.

pready_x[b]Slave interfaceReady. Only for APB3 or APB4.
prdata_x[b][31:0]Slave interface

Read data.

pslverr_x[b]Slave interfaceThis signal indicates a transfer failure. Only for APB3 or APB4.

[a] You can select uppercase or lowercase signal names from the GUI

[b] Where x is a port name selected by the GUI.

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