1.3.3. Documentation for optional CoreLink features

The optional CoreLink NIC-400 Network Interconnect documentation consists of:

QoS Supplement to TRM

The QoS Supplement to TRM describes programmable QoS facilities for attached AMBA masters that support read and write QoS requests.

QVN Supplement to TRM

The QVN Supplement to TRM describes a mechanism to avoid head of line blocking and cross path blocking between different data flows.

TLX Supplement to TRM

The TLX Supplement to TRM describes a mechanism to reduce the number of signals in an AXI point-to-point connection and enable it to be routed over a longer distance.


These optional features are obtained through licenses for QoS-400, QVN-400, and TLX-400 products in addition to that required for the NIC-400 base product.

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