3.19.3. Current Counter Value Lower register, CNTCVL

The CNTCVL register characteristics are:


Reads or writes the lower 32 bits of the current counter value.

Usage constraints

The read-only programming interface can read but not write to this register. The control interface must clear the CNTCR.EN bit before writing to this register.


See the register summary in Table 3.246.

Figure 3.224 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 3.224. CNTCVL register bit assignments

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Table 3.249 shows the bit assignments.

Table 3.249. CNTCVL register bit assignments

[31:0]CNTCVL_L_32Current value of the timestamp counter, lower 32 bits. To change the current timestamp value, write the lower 32 bits of the new value to this register before writing the upper 32 bits to CNTCVU. The timestamp value is not changed until the CNTCVU register is written to.

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