1.1.1. Structure of CoreSight SoC-400

The CoreSight SoC-400 components are grouped into the following categories:

Control and access components

Provide access to other debug components and control of debug behavior. Examples include:


Generate trace data for output through the ATB. Examples include:


Provide connection, triggering, and flow of trace data. Examples include:

  • Synchronous 1:1 ATB bridge.

  • Replicator.

  • Trace funnel.

See Chapter 6 ATB Interconnect Components.


End points for trace data on the SoC. Examples include:


Generates and transports timestamp across the SoC. Examples include:

  • Timestamp generator for generating the timestamp.

  • Timestamp encoder.

  • Timestamp decoder.

See Chapter 7 Timestamp Components.

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