3.11.4. ETB RAM Read Pointer register

The RRP register characteristics are:


The RAM Read Pointer register sets the read pointer to the required value. Writing to this register initiates a RAM access. The RAM Read Data Register is then updated.

You can also read this register to determine which memory location is currently referenced.

You must not write to this register when trace capture is enabled, that is, when FFSR.FtStopped is 0 and CTL.TraceCaptEn is 1. When trace capture is enabled, it is not possible to update the register even if there is a write operation.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


This register is available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 3.79.

Figure 3.76 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 3.76. RRP register bit assignments

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Table 3.83 shows the bit assignments.

Table 3.83. RRP register bit assignments




Sets the read pointer to the required value. The read pointer reads entries from the Trace RAM through the APB interface.

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