2.4.1. Timestamp generator

The timestamp generator generates a timestamp value that provides a consistent view of time for multiple blocks in a SoC.

The timestamp generator can be used to generate CoreSight timestamps or processor generic time, because it is compliant with the ARM Generic Timer specification for a memory-mapped counter module. For information on the ARM Generic Timer, see the relevant ARM Architecture Reference Manual for the processor core you are debugging.

SoCs normally require both sources of timestamp values, and these must be controlled independently. You can instantiate two timestamp generators to meet this requirement. See Chapter 7 Timestamp Components for more information.

The timestamp generator has the following key features:

For more information on the timestamp generator, see Chapter 7 Timestamp Components.

For information on the timestamp generator register description, see Timestamp generator register summary.

Figure 2.18 shows the external connections on the timestamp generator.

Figure 2.18. Timestamp generator block diagram

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