2.3.2. ATB funnel

The ATB funnel merges the trace from multiple ATB buses and sends the data to a single ATB bus.

The ATB funnel has the following key features:

You can specify an optional APB configuration interface.

The parameter ATB_DATA_WIDTH, which can have a value of 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128, affects the bus size of some signals of the ATB funnel. See dw in Figure 2.13, where dw= ATB_DATA_WIDTH-1.

Figure 2.13 shows the external connections on the ATB funnel. <x> denotes the auto-generated interface number of the specific ATB interface.

Figure 2.13. ATB funnel block diagram

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In Figure 2.13, bw is generated automatically from the parameter ATB_DATA_WIDTH.

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