4.7.3. AXI-AP features

Table 4.5 shows the features implemented by AXI-AP.

Table 4.5. AXI-AP features

AXI4 interface support-
Auto-incrementing TAR-
Stalling accesses-
Access size8, 16, 32, or 64 bits.
Error response-
Packed transfers-
ROM table pointer register-
Long address support-
AXI transfersWrite, read transfers.
Burst size of 1 only.
No out-of-order transactions.
No multiple outstanding accesses.
Only aligned transfers are supported.
ACE-LiteLimited set of commands to support coherency in the system.
All transactions to non-shareable memory regions.
Limited subset of transactions to shareable memory regions.
For reads only. Supports the ReadOnce transaction type.
For writes only. Supports the WriteUnique transaction type.
Barrier transactions

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