10.3.1. Cross-triggering events

The ETB implements the following cross-triggering event interfaces, which must be connected to a CTI. Each interface includes a return acknowledgement signal which must also be connected.

Table 10.1 shows the cross-triggering event interfaces.

Table 10.1. Cross-triggering events

NameDirection Purpose
trigin InputIndicates to the ETB when a trigger has occurred, so that it can start the trace stop sequence.
flushinInputExternal request to flush the trace system. An event on this input can cause the ETB to issue a flush request through its ATB slave interface.
acqcompOutputIndicates that trace acquisition is complete, and the trigger counter is at 0. This usually means that trace is ready to be read by debug tools.
fullOutputIndicates that the ETB RAM has overflowed and wrapped around to write at address 0.

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