9.2. Generic Timer functional description

The Cortex-A57 MPCore multiprocessor provides a set of timers for each processor in the multiprocessor. The timers are:

The multiprocessor does not include the system counter that resides in the SoC. The system counter value is distributed to the Cortex-A57 MPCore multiprocessor with a synchronous binary encoded 64-bit bus, CNTVALUEB[63:0].

Because CNTVALUEB is generated from a system counter that typically operates at a slower frequency than the main processor CLK, the CNTCLKEN input is provided as a clock enable for the CNTVALUEB bus. See Clocks for more information.

Each timer provides an active-LOW interrupt output that is an external pin to the SoC.

Table 9.1 shows the signals that are the external interrupt output pins.

Table 9.1. Generic Timer signals

nCNTPNSIRQ[n:0]Non-secure EL1 physical timer interrupt
nCNTPSIRQ[n:0]Secure EL1 physical timer interrupt
nCNTHPIRQ[n:0]Non-secure EL2 physical timer interrupt
nCNTVIRQ[n:0]Virtual timer interrupt

[a] n is the number of processors present in the MPCore device, minus one.

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