5.7.1. Memory map

The memory map presented on the AHBS:

Table 5.37 shows the AHBS memory map. Accesses to locations outside the address ranges shown return an error response on the AHBS interface.

Table 5.37. AHBS memory map

Start addressEnd addressHADDRS[2]TCM accessedTCM index
0x000000000x00000000 + <ITCM size>-ITCMHADDRS[n:3][a]
0x200000000x20000000 + <DTCM size>0D0TCMHADDRS[n:3][a]
0x200000000x20000000 + <DTCM size>1D1TCMHADDRS[n:3][a]

[a] The value of n depends on the configured TCM size, see TCM configuration.

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