5.5. AXIM interface

This section describes the AXIM interface. The AXIM interface is a single 64-bit wide interface that connects to an external memory system. It is used for:

The AXIM interface conforms to the AXI4 standard as described in the Arm® AMBA® AXI and ACE Protocol Specification. Within the AXI standard, the AXIM interface uses a number of extension signals to indicate inner memory attributes and the request source. See AXI extensions.

The AXIM interface can run at the same frequency as the processor or at a lower synchronous frequency.


References in this section to an AXI slave refer to the AXI slave in the external system that is connected to the processor AXIM interface.

The following sections describe the attributes of the AXIM interface, and provide information about the types of burst generated:


For more information on speculative accesses, see Speculative accesses.

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