1.5. Configurable options

Table 1.1 shows the configurable options in the GIC-500 RTL.

Table 1.1. Configurable options for the GIC-500 RTL


Range of options

Number of affinity-level 1 clusters.


Number of cores for each cluster. This can be different for each cluster.

Read Address ID width.1-32
Write Address ID width.1-32

Number of SPIs.


GICv2 backwards compatibility support.

Options include:

  • Both Secure and Non-secure AREs are always set in GICD_CTLR. There is no backwards compatibility.

  • Both Secure and Non-secure AREs are programmable.

    The GIC-500 resets to backward compatible mode.

See Backwards compatibility for more information.

Security Support.

Options include:

  • Security support programmable. Resets to supporting security.

  • Security support not present.

ITS and LPI support.

Options include:

  • ITS is present. LPIs are supported.

  • ITS is not present. LPIs are not supported.

ITS Device ID width.


See AXI4 Slave Interface for more information.

Number of LPI cache entries.16-1024 (powers of two only).

[a] Range from 32-960, with increments of 32.

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