A.7. APB slave signals

The table below lists the signals for the APB slave interface to the memory-mapped registers in the CG092.

Table A.10.  APB slave port signals

PSELInput1Slave select signal.
PENABLEInput1Strobe to time all accesses. Used to indicate the second cycle of an APB transfer.
PADDRInput12 [11:0]Address bus.
PWRITEInput1APB transfer direction.
PWDATAInput3232-bit write data bus.
PRDATAOutput3232-bit read data bus.
PREADYOutput1Driven LOW if extra wait states are required to complete the transfer.
PSLVERROutput1Indicates SLVERR response.

Write strobes. This signal indicates which byte lanes to update during a write transfer. There is one write strobe for each eight bits of the write data bus.

PSTRB[n] corresponds to PWDATA[(8n + 7):(8n)].

Write strobes must not be active during a read transfer

PPROTInput3Protection type.

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