A.6. AHB slave signals

The table below lists the signals for the AHB slave interfaces.

Table A.9.  AHB slave port signals

HSELSInput1Slave Select.
HADDRSInputAWAddress bus.
HTRANSSInput2Transfer Type.
HWRITESInput1Transfer Direction.
HSIZESInput3Transfer Size.
HBURSTSInput3Burst type.
HPROTSInput4Protection Control.
HMASTERSInput4Master Select.
HWDATASInput32Write Data.
HMASTLOCKSInput1Locked Sequence.
HRDATASOutput32Read data bus.
HREADYSOutput1HREADY feedback.

When high, the signal indicates that a transfer has finished on the bus.

This signal can be driven low to extent a transfer.

HRESPSOutput1Transfer response.

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