2.2. ARMv8-A Processor properties

Table 2.1 compares the properties of the processor implementations from ARM that support the ARMv8-A architecture.

Table 2.1. Comparison of ARMv8-A processors

Release dateJuly 2014January 2015
Typical clock speed2GHz on 28nm1.5 to 2.5 GHz on 20nm
Execution orderIn-orderOut of order, speculative issue, superscalar
Cores1 to 41 to 4
Integer Peak throughput2.3MIPS/MHz4.1 to 4.76MIPS/MHz[a]
Floating-point UnitYesYes
Hardware DivideYesYes
Fused Multiply AccumulateYesYes
Pipeline stages815+
Return stack entries48
Generic Interrupt ControllerExternalExternal
AMBA interface

64-bit I/F AMBA 4

(Supports AMBA 4 and AMBA 5)

128-bit I/F AMBA 4

(Supports AMBA 4 and AMBA 5)

L1 Cache size (Instruction)

8KB to 64 KB

L1 Cache structure (Instruction)2-way set associative3-way set associative
L1 Cache size (Data)8KB to 64KB32KB
L1 Cache structure (Data)4-way set associative2-way set associative
L2 CacheOptionalIntegrated
L2 Cache size128KB to 2MB512KB to 2MB
L2 Cache structure16-way set associative16-way set associative
Main TLB entries5121024
uTLB entries10

48 I-side

32 D-side

[a] implementation defined

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