10.6.2. Initialization

Both the Distributor and the CPU interfaces are disabled at reset. The GIC must be initialized after reset before it can deliver interrupts to the core.

In the Distributor, software must configure the priority, target, security and enable individual interrupts. The Distributor must subsequently be enabled through its control register (GICD_CTLR). For each CPU interface, software must program the priority mask and preemption settings.

Each CPU interface block itself must be enabled through its control register (GICD_CTLR). This prepares the GIC to deliver interrupts to the core.

Before interrupts are expected in the core, software prepares the core to take interrupts by setting a valid interrupt vector in the vector table, and clearing interrupt mask bits in PSTATE, and setting the routing controls..

The entire interrupt mechanism in the system can be disabled by disabling the Distributor. Interrupt delivery to an individual core can be disabled by disabling its CPU interface. Individual interrupts can also be disabled (or enabled) in the distributor.

For an interrupt to reach the core, the individual interrupt, Distributor and CPU interface must all be enabled. The interrupt also needs to be of sufficient priority, that is, higher than the core's priority mask.

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