14.3.1. Snoop Control Unit

The Snoop Control Unit (SCU) maintains coherency between the L1 data cache of each core and is responsible for managing the following interconnect actions:

The processor also exposes these capabilities to other system accelerators and non-cached DMA-driven peripherals to increase performance and reduce system-wide power consumption. This system coherence also reduces the software complexity involved when maintaining software coherence within each OS driver.

Each core can be individually configured to take part, or not, in a data cache coherency management scheme. The SCU device inside the processor automatically maintains level 1 data cache coherency between cores within the cluster. See Cache coherency and Multi-core cache coherency within a cluster for more information.

Since executable code changes much less frequently, this functionality is not extended to the L1 instruction caches. The coherency management is implemented using a MOESI-based protocol, optimized to decrease the number of external memory accesses. In order for the coherency management to be active for a memory access, all of the following must be true:

The SCU can only maintain coherency within a single cluster. If there are additional processors or other bus masters in the system, explicit software synchronization is required when these share memory with the MP block.

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