19.2.8. Configuring the kernel command line

A common way of configuring a kernel command line on most Linux systems is by using the boot loader. As the Foundation Platform boots a kernel directly without calling an intermediate boot loader, the configuration has to be carried out a different way. When you have built a kernel image, you must add a boot wrapper. This adds extra configuration to the kernel image in a way that the Platform can use, including:

An example boot wrapper source code is supplied along with the kernel. Configure it by editing the included Makefile. There are a number of settings that can be changed, but in common use most of them work without requiring any changes. The settings most likely to be useful for configuration are:


Set this to -DUSE_INITRD to append an initramfs filesystem.


The path to the initramfs image to be used if INITRD_FLAGS is set to -DUSE_INITRD.


The kernel command line.

Use make after configuration and the boot wrapper will link the kernel and its configuration together into a file ready for the model to use, typically linux-system.axf.

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