2.5 Board recovery procedure

This section describes how to reset the settings and firmware images of the V2M-Juno motherboard to a default state using a bundle of pre-built images that are provided by Linaro.

  1. Ensure that the V2M-Juno motherboard is first connected to a host computer.
  2. (Optional) Save any existing files on the SD card that you want to retain to the host computer.
  3. Erase the flash memory of the V2M-Juno motherboard. Do not boot the board until the subsequent steps have been completed, otherwise the flash memory is programmed again prematurely.
  4. Format the SD card.
    The procedure for formatting the SD card depends on the operating system of the host computer and is outside the scope of this document. Alternatively, recursively remove all files and directories on the SD card filesystem, beginning at the top-level directory.
  5. Extract the prebuilt Linaro binaries following the instructions at https://community.arm.com/groups/arm-development-platforms.
    There are multiple firmware bundles available, each of which provides a different software environment, for example, Android, OpenEmbedded, or Busybox.
    Extract the required bundle directly onto the SD card, ensuring that the directory structure of its archive is preserved.
  6. If the host computer operating system is Linux, ARM recommends that you use the sync command to ensure that any pending write operations have been flushed.
  7. Safely eject the mass storage device when the archive extraction has completed.
  8. Power on the board by issuing the reboot command at the Cmd> prompt on the serial terminal. Alternatively, press the red ON/OFF/Soft reset button on the rear panel.
  9. The V2M-Juno motherboard firmware copies the appropriate images into the flash memory. If the version of the V2M-Juno motherboard BIOS image has changed, then the BIOS update progress is also shown on this initial boot (but not after).
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